Friday, February 25, 2011

Free as a INDY

Its Friday. This Friday I am NOT in an airport. I am not packing Kenny or Brazil. I am spending this snowy, icy weekend in Indy.  What will I do? I have no idea what I will do. That’s the beauty of being me – most days… I feel like I can entertain myself just fine… I’m not sure how I was graced with such a talent – but I have no problem being alone for a weekend and finding something to do.

Currently my thoughts for this weekends’ agenda – I’m considering the following activities:
·         Hunting down a fun, local breakfast spot
·         Hunkering down in a coffee shop and reading/working
·         Hitting up a movie at the indie movie theater across the street
·         Finding a fun wine bar and making friends with the bar mates
·         Sleeping in one day and waking up to coffee in bed
·         Throwing on my heels and grabbing a nice steak at a steak house
·         Wandering around Broad Ripple shops

I feel like that’s a good start on my list of options. Any, all or some of those should keep me those are the things a single gal in a new city - with no responsilities and no dog does...

I have come to know a few people that have a fear of being alone- or being alone in a city they do not know. I am unsure when it happened – but I have few qualms about hopping in the company Camry and driving until I find something interesting. I throw on a pair of shoes that entertain me, grab Brazil –or whichever small country bag I’m carrying at the time, crank the tunes in the Camry and start cruising. Generally I start in search of a fun store to simply peruse – and then my next stop is an interesting food place – local preferably….

For those of you that struggle being alone in a new city –or even your own city… take my advice- get yourself ready- go to a restaurant that you’ve been dying to try or that the locals recommend and pull a seat up at the bar and enjoy…. Make small chit chat with others at the bar- as I’m sure they too are business travelers looking for a dinner companion… you will surprise yourself at what you can learn and who you can meet.

Cheers Friends…
I’m sure I will have a few other posts this weekend- as I have some free time ahead of me.
For those of you traveling- be safe and give the airports my condolences…for I shall miss them this weekend.

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