Friday, February 4, 2011

Need Input

Hello Readers..
I need your input - I feel like my blog is not taking the direction I had previously that's not accurate- I don't think I actually knew what direction I wanted this blog to take. I know that I do in fact enjoy blogging- but now feel like I should follow the rules of my professors/teachers that were once given- HAVE A TOPIC! I need a direction to take this blog.

I enjoy reading friends' blogs that have themes/direction, be it: being a mom, foodie, travel, fashion.....

Now I am ready... ready for direction. I have gotten my feet wet- now lets get down to business.

So friends- please help... what do you want to hear about? I'm not opposed to changing the theme/direction as life moves on... but right now- in this moment - What should "Life Happens" focus on?

Here are my current ideas:
  • Life Happens While Traveling - Business Traveling
    • Focus on airport musings, extended stay hotels, food, overcoming cabin fever
  • Life Happens at Happy Hour
    • Focus on what wines are interesting, fun on a budget
    • Local beers
    • New cocktails
  • Life Happens on a Budget
    • Where I'm finding deals for - home/clothes/make-up etc...
Many of you readers KNOW me... so- maybe you have better ideas... sure- I will still write about my daily life- maybe put snippets in...but I feel like i need a direction...

Weigh in kids.



  1. I like all of those when you're traveling keep us posted- when you're out keep us posed and by all means let us know about the budget friendly items that you find. About letting it take you where it may. Life of a single girl in KC or where ever you are. If you worry too much on a topic you'll worry your life away. Remember you're not in school anymore this is real life. So share it.

  2. Ok ... weighing in! Why can't it be all of the above? If this is about Life Happening ... then it needs to be all of the above. The journey that you take us on in airports, at the bar, in the Shoe Room, at the board room, the casino, the Quaff ... life happens, so let it. Your original idea is perfect ... Life happens, the moments that take your breath away, the times when you want to scream, the glee of shiney new shoes, the laughter of a wiggle butt ... life happens doll, don't force it!
    Love you and miss you ...

  3. I like the Life on a Budget idea... I mean, you can definitely incorporate that theme into your general blog. Deals can be found with anything: wines, shopping, home, foods, etc... I mean, you have multi-faceted likes and we are all on a budget, aren't we? That being said, your blog doesn't always have to focus on the "budget" aspect of your life. I can just be a little part...

  4. Okay.... with only a few other votes out there, I thought this would count more than a ballot in the next presidential election, so here it goes.
    I vote: Career
    I know, kind of a tough one, but you've done A LOT in 6 years, and you should share with others your tips for success. This could include travel musings, happy hours... IE networking events, and how to cope with a crazy awesome career. (Insert Lena, Momma Vic and quilting here.)
    So, that's it. Its not probably the first thing you want to talk about once you get home from work, but I think there are a lot of ways to tie life into a blog about climbing the ladder. And, I think you're inspirational.
    So there you go--that's my two cents. (Note: This is important, I need my voice to be heard, at least a little bit--I don't make it a habit to vote... ever.)

  5. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input. Andrea- you made my day with your comment! You're so awesome.... and you've inspired me for my next post....