Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Day in the Life…of hotel living

Now that I am working on my third week of hotel life- I thought I would share a typical day with you… oh- and I’m on East Coast time- and things seem to run a bit later…I’m still trying to adjust.
7 a.m. – wake up (this is the latest I have gotten up in 2 years on weekdays)
8:00 – head downstairs to hotel lobby for breakfast
8:30 – arrive at work – generally 3rd one here! 9 a.m. seems to be the official start time out here
1 p.m. – head out for lunch… lately it seems I have lunch meetings 3 days a week – so that’s fun.
6 – leave work
6:30/7:00 :
  • Head to gym (not only is it good for me- it keeps me occupied
  • Or have dinner meeting with work folk or prospective new hires: inevitably this happens at least once a week
  • Head back to hotel for a reception in hotel lobby- Mon – Wed – generally free food from TGI Fridays, Don Pablos or McCalisters – which everyone takes back to their rooms.
9:00 – shower if gone to gym or climb into sweats and pour a glass of red and do homework for work or watch mindless TV.
11:00 – bedtime….read at least one chapter – keeps my mind off how much I miss my bed and dog!

As you can tell- its pretty mundane. I try and venture out to new restaurants for dinner or happy hours… but I miss having friends to meet up with and a dog to play with! The kitchen in my hotel suite is poorly furnished for cooking…but I make some attempts.
I am going to work on getting in more Skype dates with the parents, Lena and friends.

Side notes:
  • My neighbor next door snores so loud it vibrates my bed – AWESOME. I’m considering leaving a bag with breath right strips on ITS door.
  • Cleaning staff continually puts my wine glass in the dishwasher –even after I leave notes NOT TO… I guess I have to hide it…
  • I have spoiled myself with NICE sheets at home …the bottom sheet on my hotel bed continually comes off every night...super irritating.
  • Sometimes I consider propping my door open with a brick- a la college days- just for some social interaction! But I talk myself out of it- I don’t want to be the creepy girl in the hotel.
  • I enjoy waking up – knowing I can leave my bed a mess and come home to a “made” bed – I wonder if my neighbor Kelly in KC wants to go in with me on hiring this service for our apts?!
  • My social neediness is kicking in- I have found myself weighing options of throwing a mixer at the hotel- complete with cool posters on each door. I mean- St Patrick’s Day is approaching!
  • You never know how much you miss your very own coffee cup and smell of your own home…until you drink out of hotel cups and wake to hotel smell every day.

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  1. Ape, you SKYPE?!!! Why have we never had a skype date?! We must...soon! LOVE to see you (and I'm sure you would love your share of know, in the background...on "the couch")!