Thursday, February 10, 2011

Success Starts With Setting Goals

A good friend mentioned that I have enjoyed success at a young age... and thought that it might be something worth blogging about. I agreed. It allows for my own reflection on my career thus far and also gives me the opportunity to share my voyage! With that in mind- I am going to be writing a Success Series...

The first edition in the Success Series is: Goal Setting

I continually count my blessings... I have been blessed beyond belief- with family, friends, Lena... and so much more. But I count my blessings in regards to having experienced success at a young age. Since my graduation from Simpson in 2005 - I have climbed ladders and learned a lot about myself in that run. I have worked for amazing companies- DHL Express, Netflix, Machinery Link, and now Touton. It's my belief that every single one of those companies are extremely successful in their own right. The amazing part - is that I worked in management at each of those companies...

It may seem as if I have jumped around a lot - but I was taught at young age to set goals for yourself. I think that started back in high school when our volleyball/softball coach requested that we WRITE DOWN our goals. I have stuck to that rule my entire life...especially in my professional world.

When I start with a company- my first few months are to get my feet under me- learn the operation and pick something and become an expert in it. That might sound generic - but I was told that its impossible to learn everything about an overall operation- but pick something- and do it better than anyone- and be THE expert. When you learn all you can about a particular aspect of the operation/company- you become the "Go To" person. Being the "Go To" person is imperative. It gets your name out there - inside and outside of the company. People come to you- and then respect, trust and look to you.

Once you learn the operation- in the broadest sense of the word- and have decided what it is that you're going to become an expert in- you can begin to decipher what your goals are in the organization. This can take a matter of months or even a year- depends on your learning curve, the depth of the company and the scope of your job. Write down your goals- put them somewhere you can see them...I generally write them in my Planner...

Your goals can be whatever YOU want them to be... My goals generally are centered around moving up within the organization- always looking for the next step - and learning how I can grow or be groomed to take over a new challenge. When I'm not challenged or not looking towards the next step - I become stagnant- and my work falters. That was the case at Machinery Link- it was a small company - which I liked- but there wasn't a next step for me- there wasn't an opportunity for growth - thus the quick move to Touton. I absolutely require a next step- or something to attain. However, everyone is different - for some of you; learning new tasks or expanding your knowledge base is what you crave... just determine what you REALLY want. For some its as simple as a title or the opportunity to travel for business, or learn all the jobs in the operation... Just figure out what you want.

Once I have set my goals- I then attach a timeline- this doesn't have to be a hard and fast rule...but something to keep you motivated and moving towards success.

When I started at DHL - I had NO clue what I was doing- but was fortunate to work with GREAT people and have an amazing, talented boss and coach. After a few months in - as the p.m. supervisor- he set goals for me- he told me I could have my own station someday...he helped me get there- and it came sooner than I expected. This success set the tone for the rest of my this point! I learned that no task is too foreign- it all feels like a new language for the first few months- but hard work and determination will take you where you want to go.

What are my goals for Touton you ask? I'm not sure- let us get moved to KC and let me get my feet under me- I'm still treading water and it all feels like french at this point...LITERALLY!

Next up on the success series: NETWORKING


  1. Excellent as usual ... thought provoking even for an old woman :)
    What's the saying, the student teaching the master ... not that I am a master, but a mother :)
    Excellent and very proud of you!
    Love ya!

  2. good for you, abril! can't wait to read more.