Friday, February 18, 2011

another friday....another airport...

well folks... it's friday... you know what that means - another airport... not a "new" airport- but ANOTHER airport! its 6:44 p.m. est and here i sit- the master of getting from the company car - parked ever so carefully in economy parking- next to the shelter of course - through security, now with a coffee in hand - in 19 minutes. thats  new record for IND. today is special- all the southwest flights were already booked by 735 a.m. est on monday- so i am taking a frontier flight - via MKE to KC!! I will get in at 11 p.m. - well midnight for me... that whole time change thing! so- i brought some work with me - but what fun is that? so instead i have rented Secretariat on my iTouch and may or may not have purchased dirty dancing for $3. i have a feeling that today i am in for mindless movie watching and reading.
let me tell you the trick to weekend travel to and from your extended stay hotel to your very own apt... pack a large purse- in my case we name them after small countries- and tonight's lucky winner is Brazil. so- pack brazil- with everything you want while sitting in your seat - nothing is worse than those people who put their carry-on in the overhead compartment and then want something 10 min later- but they are in the middle seat- irritating!
tonight brazil contains:
  • nook
  • iTouch and headphones
  • cellular device
  • chapstick
  • bottled water - PURCHASED once you're thru security
  • advil
  • wallet - with ID
  • drink tickets- very important!
and along with brazil - came my messenger bag/briefcase - kenneth cole - gifted to me at college graduation by a set of second parents- so smart - knowing it would come in handy! - thanks kev and cheryl!
so- inside kenny is:
  • laptop/charger
  • iTouch charger
  • change of clothes- yoga pants, tshirt, cardigan and undergarments (important in case mke screws me over)
  • make-up - all powder products- i hate that plastic bag rule
next- be sure you wear shoes you can slip on and off- ladies, your knee high boots are cute- but when i have to catch you while you are unzipping them mid security check- i'm frustrated. so tonight's pick was a cute pair of slip on brown leather booties. i'm wearing nice slacks, a comfy t with a cardigan - please remember- you have to take the cardigan off at security - and scarf....have boarding pass in hand with id - because i was smart and printed before i arrived at airport. also- i have selected my seats and pleased with my awkwardly uncomfortable, leather chair for the next few hours. this morning when checking in online (company uses travel agency to book tickets - so that's done and paid for) i was able to splurge $10 to have a row to myself and extra leg room in business select - hell- why not.
so- drop car in economy- grab kenny and brazil - write down section/row and shelter of parking spot- jump on shuttle...get dropped off at terminal - stroll to security - breeze on thru- grab venti, iced, skinny, vanilla latte - grab comfy chair - plug in laptop and blog away.  start to finish- 19 took me longer to compose my blog.
being prepared and mindful of what you're doing at the airport for weekend travel and can alleviate all the stresses of rolling from the office in indy to my bed in kc.

for the first 2 weekends while in indy- i stayed put- in my hotel room- partly due to weather- and partly due to the fear of stressful quick trips to and from indy to kc... thinking it wouldn't be as relaxing as one hopes. but - to be honest- it is so refreshing- to sleep in your own bed, see your friends, visit the Quaff, lay on your very own couch... then get on a plane and head to work. i think you all know that he missing link in the perfect weekend is Lena- but that's another story! but now that i know- how easy it is- and quick it can be done - i'm prepared to tackle the next month as a transplant in indy.

now that you are all aware of the contents of kenny and brazil - i'm gonna post this entry, shut down the laptop and finish my venti in preparation for boarding.. cheers friends... its FRIDAY! and i'm about to put this airport in my rear view mirror! CHEERS.

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