Tuesday, March 1, 2011

music...the source of instant happiness

i have a love for music. i cannot get in my car without turning on the radio. i am missing my car because i love my XM... but for now - i'm dealing with indy's stations. i am obsessed with my pizzle (iPod)... and it seems i have a hunger for new downloads whenever i log in to my computer!

do you feel like music can change your day? i do. sometimes all i need, when i'm overwhelmed at work, is a ride in the car- the right station and a coffee run. i come back refreshed and centered. i can't say that i'm defined by a certain genre.. i literally love it all. some days all i want to listen to is "the highway" - get my country fix- roll down the windows and cruise. other days i switch it over to "the spectrum" and alt rock it up- with my skinny black jeans, brown boots and hair in a hat! other days i admit- i rock the big sunglasses and play the drums on my steering wheel to bruno mars and dumb box gaga!

music can alter mood. it can change my day. it makes me think of people. a song can come on and i'm instantly taken back...
  • jack and diane takes me back to signatures karaoke
  • black betty reminds me of my boys
  • ace of base brings back lake mills days
  • who let the dogs out - senior year football
  • the general - ZOO BAR along with king of the road
  • kol - lunch trips with a good friend
  • huey lewis- jumping on the bed and singing with my bro B
  • peaceful easy feeling- dad and softball nights
the list could go on and on! music soothes me. it centers me. and i always know exactly what i need. i do apologize for all you passengers who have to hear my "FAVORITE SONG" everyday... and it's NEVER the same!!!

Do you have a favorite "happy song"?

p.s.- i still make mix discs- and give them funny names... like "help me tie my bow tie"!
p.p.s. - i love concerts. i attend a lot of them. they make me happy!
above: i am enjoying justin moore at the summer country concert series at kc power and light district

living it up at the NADAS concert in KC at Record Bar


  1. Lately, Jen's theme song has become Mika's Big Girl (You are Beautiful). Diet coke and a pizza PLEASE!!! :) Fav workout tune ever!!!

  2. Anything with a note ... seems to be my favorite song. I'm a Glee Geek ... love the music on there. I like the quiet more than anything, perhaps that's old age! My current Pandora station is called "Enya" ... I play a lot of Lori Line music, sacred and pop. Music soothes the tired soul, raises the spirit of the sad and heals a broken heart. Hmmmmm you are my girl!

  3. jen...
    i love that mika song. i used to play that tune loudly in the car- emma thought i was nuts!!!

    i love pandora. i think i have 6 stations on there!

  4. Joss Stone... Takes me back to Kresge. Just sayin.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog and tonight, I finally figured out how to post a comment!!!