Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunday Fritatta

I have a new recipe... who is shocked?!  So the blog is now about recipes and Lena!

On Sunday I was in the mood for a yummy breakfast...and this is what i came up with... the beauty of it is- that you can add or subtract virtually anything.... so I will give you the basics and you can go from there!

Sunday Fritatta

chopped/diced lean meat (I used canadian bacon and turkey bacon)
diced onions (green or red are best - or both!)
diced green pepper
minced garlic
cheese (i used swiss- i just chopped it up)
eggs (i used 4- add or subtract depending on servings)
seasonings (i used salt, pepper and jack stacks all purpose seasoning)

Beat eggs together - and season with salt and pepper. In a non stick skillet- warm up a teaspoon of oil- canola or olive. When warm- add meats and veggies - saute for 2-5 minutes- to get the flavors out- I also lightly peppered and seasoned with my all-purpose Jack Stacks seasoning...

Next add a layer of cheese of your choice- it can be shredded or chopped up into small cubes.. I selected a low fat swiss for this mix...use a fork to mix all the ingredients - and form an even layer on the bottom of your pan.

Immediately after adding your cheese - pour your beaten eggs over bottom layer and cover
Cook for 12-15 minutes-done when the eggs poof up a bit and become firm.
Remove cover and allow to sit for a minute or 2 - top with diced green onions and parsley and serve!
The leftovers to freeze well - and can easily be reheated in a microwave.

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