Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life Happened...

So- here it is- the apology!
I'm sorry- to all of my followers (mom!) - its been awhile. I got busy! I guess traveling home for Thanksgiving- which was AWESOME- an entire week away from work and alarm clocks - has left me delinquent in my posting.
I have several random photos to post and a few from Thanksgiving as well- I will get there- I promise!

I have been having lots of fun- since I returned home from Thanksgiving- I have painted my kitchen, celebrated Lyndsey's birthday too hard, spent a great day with Emma and Molly, done lots of work, nearly completed Christmas shopping, decorated apartment, gift wrapped every present, organized closets, tore apart bedroom closet and organized and even watched a movie! YIKES! I was pretty worthless last night- I admit it - I went home after work- made dinner and crashed. I guess I was wore out!

This week seems to be equally as busy- a fun concert, visit with friends for birthdays/celebrations and on call again this weekend. I hope to paint the bathroom - oh April!

Also- this is a good time to congratulate my friend Lyndsey- her amazing company went live with their website yesterday and its my sincere hope you check it out!

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  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I am a faithful follower! You might just have to remind other folks about the blog :)