Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lena and Friends

I feel like I should rename my blog to "Life's Adventures with Wiggle Butt"...
For those of you that have not experienced the Wiggle Monster- I apologize- I wish it on everyone! She can turn any bad day around.

So- yesterday was one of my fave fall days this year. I got off work and promptly leashed up Lena and out for our walk we went- when we neared the park in our neighborhood we saw Devon and Kingston playing with a beautiful Golden Retriever - now- Lena likes big dogs... she is not quite a fan of the little kids... so she instantly was ready to play. For nearly and hour Lena played with the "big dogs".... she ran and ran... she would take the stick they were all munching on and let them chase her. I like to call her my little hussy - she teases the boy dogs so bad... she will run up to them- wiggle her butt in their face and then make them chase her... such a riot!

Lena and her pal Kingston

It was a beautiful fall afternoon- leaves and sticks on the ground - I in my vest and scarf (who's shocked?!) Lena in her purple collar - we had the most wonderful time. She is becoming quite the social butterfly - again- who is shocked?!

After we got home last night- Lena munched on a rawhide and played with her toys for a bit  - but was out by 9 p.m. - sound asleep! Needless to say- we're going to the park again tonight!

For those of you that don't see if often- she does nap sometimes! And her napping with another dog was something I thought would NEVER happen!!! We've come along way in 3 months!

Lena and boyfriend Hank snoozing!

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