Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Wrap-Up

So- for those of you that don't know- all the photos you see on my blog are via the Blackberry lens! And last night I began to realize that the memory card is filling up! Time to do some photo clean up...

Welcome to the hodge-podge of my blackberry photos!!! I am going to attempt to put these in some sort of sequential order!!!

Tyler, Cory, Lyndsey and I had a pretty epically fun night out at a Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser- followed by some bar hopping in Westport- clearly fun was had by all!
Oct. 21st

This year my boss took a few of us to a Chiefs game- great seats! Complete with tailgating and an Elvis Sighting!!! We watched a GREAT Chiefs Win!!
Oct 24th

Now for a few birthday pics... you can see more on Facebook- courtesy of Lyndsey!! But a brief wrap- up on the birthday: IT WAS AMAZING! We traveled to Extra Virgin, then on to 801 and a final at The Quaff! It was epic and so much fun. Too many shots - well- maybe that's worded wrong- A LOT OF SHOTS!! My name made it on the Quaff Birthday Board: "April Iowa Zobel"!! My cake from the Quaff was Jello-Shots and a candle. But the best part of the day- were the amazing friends that celebrated with me!

Lynds, me, Sherri and Steve

Neighbor Kelly, me, Lynds and Rita - such sweet friends! Kel brought a cake and balloons- and thanks to Lyndsey the balloons were clipped to my pants for the remainder of the evening!

One of the best friends a girl could ask for...and my partner in crime!

And finally- the best birthday cake!

Let's move on to some more random photos!!! The birthday clearly was wonderful... but I've equally enjoyed the amazing fall this year- fun times with friends from all over and amazing weather!

Recently my "little brother" from back in the Itown days moved to the KC area - Tyler is a great kid and good friend. We have so much fun together- its like old times hanging with him. We spent a great Saturday at the Other Place watching the HAWKS kill Michigan State- great day. Oh- and check out that sweet Koozie wrist band! 

 Tyler rocks the pink!

And finally- lets get current - this past weekend I spent Friday night with a best friend who came to town. We went and saw Due Date- hilarious! Then we moved on to Harrah's - we played some blackjack- and I'm proud to say that I WON!!! We then ventured to the Quaff and caught up- apparently we were celebrating my birthday STILL!! I'm not complaining! Thanks Duder! 

And then Saturday Lena and I packed up and rolled north to see the boys. Kegger and Football watch party! It was so great to see the crew again- oh how I've missed them. Lena was such a good girl- she made new friends and played nice!

Lena loving on Mark and Autumn! I think she stole a few hearts!  

I also was super surprised and got to see Emma and Miss Molly- oh my gosh how amazing it was to spend some short - but oh so sweet time with them. I adore and treasure them so much. Amazing weekend! Thanks everyone!

WHEW!!! Blackberry is cleaned up and I feel better - hope you all do too- now that you are caught up on my life's adventures! 

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