Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween from Lena

I am going to let the pictures speak for me today...
October is officially over...but it ended on a high note. Lyndsey and I dressed up our little Boston's for some Halloween fun...the trick or treaters loved them and everything they did was cuter while in costume! I wish you all could have seen the 2 hot dogs chasing each other around Lyndsey's house. It was so much fun. And for anyone wondering- (Aunt Barbie) - they left the costumes on for nearly 3 hours...neither one tried to get them off! So fun.
Thanks Lyndsey for letting us crash your house for Halloween and making yummy chili!!! Cheers!

Lena and Hank in Costume!

Climbing on the furniture in their costumes!

Too much Candy...errr playing for this girl!

This one kills me!

Such a sweetie...looks so innocent doesn't she!?

In her signature pose...

"I'm an angel!"

The kids playing... we had to have their leashes on so we could corral them when the kids came to the door!

Lena liked her costume so much she wore it on the ride home... she was a sleeping dog minutes later!


  1. A D O R A B L E! Thanks for the share :)

  2. So. Stinkin'. Awesome. Love Lena's getup!! Since she was so behaved in hers, tell me this is her new winter jacket for the cold weather!