Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I love Shoes

I love shoes. I love everything about shoes. I love how shoes can change your outfit, can change your mood, can change how you feel about yourself... I LOVE shoes!

So today is my 28th Birthday...and about 4 years ago I started a new tradition for MYSELF. I bought Birthday Shoes. Why? Because I love shoes! And I wanted a pair of Giraffe print Steve Maddens so bad I could taste it. But they were expensive- and impractical... but it WAS my birthday! To this day- they are my most favorite pair of shoes - they are now torn, tattered, weathered and beaten... but I still have them... they were the FIRST! So the following year I bought dark purple, alligator print Jessica Simpson Peep Toes. Last year I sported a pair of cobalt blue, suede Steve Madden Peep Toe Pumps. Its my thing.. Its something I truly look forward to. 

You see- Birthday Shoes are shoes that you wouldn't normally buy. They CANNOT be practical...Cannot be a pair you NEED. They have to speak to you- they have to be FUN...and make you feel like a million bucks! Its a hunt- but when you find them- you just know!

This year came around - and I have been so busy... I've actually had a pretty spectacular social life- and the Birthday Shoe shopping fell by the wayside. But yesterday at work- something kicked in...I felt it in my bones- I HAD to go find the pair... its tradition...its what I do... So, after work I went on the search - I found them. The perfect pair of Birthday Shoes! They were nestled in amongst other beautiful shoes- but there they were- in all their Snake Skin glory...and gold heel... a pair of glorious BCBG Pumps!
So here is to year 28! I look forward to the opportunities and excitement this year will provide! I am not a huge fan New Years Eve- its like an amateur holiday.... and so my New Years is my birthday -its like 2 holidays in one! Lets hope these shoes bring me good luck!!!

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  1. I think we need a picture of the birthday girl modeling them :)
    FYI ... they are beautiful and fun ... but ummmmm not a fan of the "s" skin ... creeps me out!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY little girl!