Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Beauty of Fall - via the Combine!

As a kid, growing up in northern Iowa - I can honestly say I didn't appreciate fall and all its beauty. Harvest didn't intrigue me. I really didn't care... I was merely concerned with the next volleyball game or where we played football that week! But now- as an older, wiser adult (funny!) - I have grown to appreciate all the beauty of the Harvest season. Well- and the fact that I work for a company that leases and hauls combines doesn't hurt!

That being said- a good friend of mine at work is on the road the entire harvest season and sends me pictures of random parts of the world. This years pix included south Texas, middle of boring Kansas and even a few where he sunk a Case Combine in Minnesota!
But today's entry comes to  you from my old part of the world...IOWA! My friend sent me pictures from the view of his combine as he helped one of our customers finish up his harvest... I found the pictures breathtaking and reminded me of the simplicity in life...

I love this one...

The sun starting to set on the fields... BEAUTY

And here it is...the glorious colors in the sky!

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