Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zobel Girl's Weekend in KC

Just like the title of my blog says… Life Happens!
Life Happens and sometimes you just forget to write about it! I know its been a few weeks – but those few weeks have been amazing. Full of fun and laughter and pure bliss! Its fall- what more do you expect from me?! It is the best time of year and I am living in each and every moment. The weather in KC has been nothing short of perfection. 10 days without rain, cool nights, beautiful, sunny days. Some days I just about fall over with gratitude watching Lena jump after the fallen leaves and feel the breeze blow by… yep. Its been a great few weeks with friends.

But of all those moments…the most blog worthy happening was this past weekend. Something happened that I can’t not talk about! It was Zobel Girls Weekend in KC. Now for some of my readers (all family!) you may or may not know that I haven’t spent much time with the Zobel family while growing up. But a few weeks ago at the Zobel family reunion- we all met up again- and decided it was time it happened…time that we all get together for some rowdiness- cause that’s what Zobel’s do!
It was a beautiful fall Saturday when the ladies rolled into town. Present at this particular gathering were: cousins Melissa, Michelle and Kristin, my mom and the best family friend, Joan - who has been invited back! The day began just as you would suspect...I took the ladies out to the Legends for some needed retail therapy. We hit up the stores pretty hard!
Around mid-day, Melissa and I were parched- so we snuck away to the Yard House for much needed cocktails!
An hour or so later along mom and Joan to quench their thirst.
And finally our shopping queens, Michelle and Kristin found us! Once we were all properly hydrated- it was time to make our way back downtown.
So to La Bodega we went. Sangria and apps. Mom scored us a pretty sweet table near the kitchen and we all nestled right in.
2 pitchers later we made our way to the hotel/apt to get changed for the night. Cocktails later commenced at 801 Steak and Chop down in Power and Light for amazing cocktails. Then it was time for some nourishment- so over to Gordon Biersch we went. YUMMO! 

Kristin and I enjoyed some tall beers – again- did I mention we were Zobels?!  

It was a wonderful day…one that I won’t forget anytime soon. The weather was perfect. The conversations were easy and fun and exactly what we needed.
Breakfast of course was held at none other than City Diner the next morning! For you Lake Mills readers…it’s the equivalent of The Grand…only better!!! J I can’t believe the weekend is already over. But the good news is- the planning is already in motion for the next girls weekend.

A little Kristin and I moment...
This girl- might be one of the coolest women I know! And its so fun saying that about family….but, not only about family…about family you have seen 5 times in your life! Kristin and I have an uncanny easiness about our friendship….we fall back into place. There is never a dull moment. And our senses of humor are oddly identical!  I can’t wait to plan my trip to Lincoln…. Hopefully in the next month! 
Oh- side note- I think both Kristin and I had rough, long Mondays- so at the end of the day we both said a beer/drink sounded great… a few short minutes later I received this picture with the tagline: Life is Good!
I responded with one of my own! - Tagline: CHEERS!

Life Happens folks… and sometimes when you least expect it. And sometimes- a girls weekend you EXPECT to be great – exceeds  your expectations. One thing was missing- Cousin Stacy couldn’t make it- and her bubbly, excited self was truly missed. But- good news- there WILL be another weekend soon!

For more pix and Kristin's take on the weekend...check out her blog

And Michelle and Melissa... if your out there....POST PIX!!!

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  1. Not only did I score a table near the kitchen, I scored the "Chef's Table" ... yeah ... pretty dang sweet.
    And don't forget the funky, fun appetizers!!!