Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Little Comedian

I got to thinking…this blog should be named “The Adventures of April & Lena” – I swear, daily she is doing something sweet, funny or otherwise picture worthy! So- as a proud mother  - I leave you with some fun pix of the hound!  
Miss Lena on the NEW Quilt

Little Sh!t was eating her bone on the NEW quilt while i was in the shower... BUSTED!

This gives new meaning to "Sit Pretty" (notice the pretty kennel cover! Thanks MOM)
Never a dull dog

Prety sure we could play with that thing all night!

She has this obsession with being everywhere I am... I was washing dishes- Exciting Stuff

Molly came to visit Aunt Ape and Lena and she took a liking to Lena's bed! :-)

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