Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fall is upon us

...you know how i know fall is here? its not the sudden change in temperature...its not that it gets dark earlier...albeit those things help... but its this feeling i get. its tough to describe, but everything about me changes- i smile more, i'm nostalgic, i'm almost giddy! its my favorite time of year... the colors, the weather, the sweaters, HAWKEYE football, cozy blankets....they all bring back memories...amazing memories.

sure- fall is a busy time at work...but its the end of busy time...i see the days slowing down...with each combine delivery to iowa i know progress is being made. this year i like to think my fall began last weekend. my parents came to town. nothing was on the agenda- we just got to "BE" - it was truly wonderful. we ate, drank, laughed and spent hours playing with my new puppy, Lena! its so fun to live in KC and get to share it with my family and friends...we hit up some of my fave local spots- OK Joes BBQ, THE Quaff, Town Center and walking around Quality Hill with dad. one morning on our walks- i took dad to my favorite look out spot with Lena - crossing the bridge from Quality Hill to the Westside- by the FBI building.. you can see all of downtown KC and when the sun is coming up or going down it takes my breath away. the weekend flew by so fast. so many moments of calmness and utter peace. we already miss them.

but i also know fall is here when the weekends fill up... a football game here and there, college reunion and homecoming, girls weekends, trip to iowa for one last fire before the frost and snow settle in. those are all moments that i'm excited for and have marked on my calender.. but sometimes the greatest moments are those that are unexpected... like meeting a friend for a glass of red - sitting on the plaza looking out at a rainy fall evening and feeling a sense of calm. or maybe its the moment that took me by surprise- strolling through zona rosa with a friend and feeling like a day hadn't passed since we had last seen each other- coffee in hand and conversations meant only for each other.

fall always seems to bring more of the moments that i cherish...so cheers to the unofficial start of fall and to the moments and memories to make!


  1. I'm right there with you friend. I definitely caught the fall bug as well. I pulled out the old fall decos you picked for the townhome years back and put them up in various spots around the house (a couple vases and of course above the kitchen cabinets). The smell was so familiar I couldn't put my finger on it...and then there it was...April, it smells like April! Here's to ya girl and here's to not letting Diz convince me to pitch the fall deco tote! :) Much love. ~Jen

  2. oh jen!!! thanks girl! that made me think of the old townhouse days... sundays were my fave... church, lunch, lounging, football...games and the smells. i think thats the ticket right there- the smells of fall get me everytime! missing you. thanks for being the first post! much love!

  3. Such a talented writer you are! I for one vote for those townhouse days again ... they were awesome! Isn't it amazing the things that can trigger memories, I don't look at a plate of spaghetti without thinking about my football boys and girl :) When I see an autumn candle, I think of my sweet daughter. I was almost the first to post, but could not figure out how to "pick a profile" ... for goodness sake ... I'm the MOMMA ... enough said!