Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little Miss Lena

The summer of 2010 changed my life… I had made a decision that I was going to own a dog. I had been dog sitting for several friends and had made the decision it was time for me to get my own! Some wonderful friends, Lyndsey and Steve have a Boston Terrier, Hank- and he is an 11lb bundle of joy! When Steve and Lynds went on their mini trip to Florida – I stayed with Hank for a few days. Love at first sight! I knew I wanted a Boston. They were small enough for my little apt and had big dog play and personality. So I began looking. In the search I was directed to Mid- American Boston Terrier Rescue League. I signed up on their website. I was shown a few dogs…I requested a few dogs. But nothing panned out… I had then put it on a back burner…. But then it all changed…
… Miss Lena came into my life on Thursday, August 5th at 9 p.m.

Yes- I remember the date and time. I remember everything that led to that wiggle worms arrival to my life.  I was driving home from a friend’s house on Wednesday- the night before, and stopped at Target. While cruising through the aisles I received a call from a gal named April (first clue). She was a foster mom for the Mid-American Boston Terrier Rescue League… she had a puppy named Roma that she had fostered in her home for a few days. She saw my app and gave me a call. We talked for nearly 2 hours about me, my home, and Roma. When all was said and done- I felt pretty confident I might have the chance to meet Roma. Well- 7 a.m. the next morning, the phone call came… Roma was mine if I wanted her! I said yes- of course! Then came the better news… a group of people were traveling from Lincoln, NE (where Roma was fostered) to the Ozarks- and they could bring her that very same night if I wanted! Wow… fate was stepping in. I was so excited. A trip to Pet-Smart, to Wal-Mart, to my friends up in Liberty to use their crate (sized for an English Mastiff) and then the task of puppy prepping my apartment. At 8:40 I left my apartment- drove up to north KC and met the young couples and my sweet little Roma. There in the Casey’s parking lot on 169/435 I met the sweetest dog on earth! She walked right up to me and I was sold!
I put her little knitted blanket April had sent with her on the passenger seat and away we went. Together – for the first time. On the ride home- she snuggled up and was a peach…calm and quiet. I asked her what a good name was… I went thru the list I had created…but then I asked if she was a Lena and the instant I said it- the naming process was over! No longer Roma- she is a Lena!  We then arrived in Quality Hill…took a stroll and got used to the new surroundings. Then to the apartment…. She wasn’t very interested in much. But she did eat a little and snuggled right up next to me on the couch. It was soon bedtime. In her crate she went. Not a sound, not a peep, not bark… all night long she slept…even though I did not… I was awake all night- waiting for her to cry, bark or yip. She could sit, lay down, stay and was crate trained and potty trained. Never an accident in my house…she was the holy grail of rescue dogs.

Can you resist this face?!

Never having a dog before… I had a lot to learn. I turned to none other than Lyndsey Higgins and Cesar Millan. Both experts in the field of dog raising. Lena got me on the track of walking every single, solitary day. Morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night. We go for short walks, and long walks.  Lena got her very own backpack- thanks Cesar for the suggestion… she wears it on our long walks…she carries my keys, her potty bags, and 2 cans of tuna.  She walks with a purpose and gets a great work out! She is my little backpacker!

Carrying her backpack on our walk!

Our first road trip took place the second weekend I had her… we traveled up to Lincoln, NE for the Zobel family reunion. She rode perfectly in the car. She was so excited to meet the crazy clan! After about 3 hours of fetch in Kevin and Michelle’s basement- we took her to the pet friendly hotel. Here was the test… a new crate, another new place and all new smells.  She played with “Grandma and Grandpa” Zobel… and then was a tuckered out girl. She went in her crate and slept all night long! What a delightful puppy. A weekend in the hotel was a success. Road trip home was equally as peaceful.

Sleeping Lena
Over the past few weeks Lena has met some new friends. Hank of course is her boyfriend… they play hard to get and sometimes they play a bit too nice and “easy” if you catch my drift! She also has a new friend in Devon’s boxer, Kingston. He lets Lena walk all over, around an on top of him! She is learning to be a good puppy with other dogs…
Lena and her pal, Hank

Then there are her people friends. She of course loves Devon, Lynds, my mom and my brothers… but I am pretty sure her 2 best friends are my co-worker Andrew and my Dad. Andrew plays with her for hours…and she always comes back for more. Then there is my dad… he walks her, he plays with her Tigger toy they bought her- and he even does the Tigger voice! She snuggles right up next to him. And her protector is my mom… whenever she is in trouble she runs right to “Grammie”…and always seems to get a treat!
Lena and Tigger!

She is the greatest addition to my world. She has changed my life. I walk/run every day. I have a wiggle worm that’s beyond excited to see me when I walk in my apartment. She is the greatest travel partner and has introduced me to new people and experiences.  And I must admit- she is quite the wonderful snuggle partner when she is worn out!
Better Together!!!


  1. Lena is such a good girl. I was sorting laundry from our KC weekend and found a black pillowcase with some Lena reminders on it ... she does like snuggling with grammie.

    I miss you two a bunch!

  2. The picture of the two of you shows how much you were meant to be -- look at those sparkeling eyes.... Aunt Barbie