Monday, December 13, 2010

a lil painting

In a few months I will have reached 2 years in my current apartment... and I love it... and don't forsee any reason why I won't renew when the time comes. That being said- I am a person who loves to decorate- or at least make my place nice! So- with the help of my best friend, and most talented artist, Emma- we picked out some paint colors for my kitchen and bathroom- being that they are small rooms - and an easy start!

So- I started with the kitchen- I bought the paint on a Tuesday after work and taped, painted and cleaned that very same night- while watching Glee and making dinner!
Here are the photos of "Sweet Maple" in the kitchen:

Next came the bathroom... that took place this past Saturday...and let me be perfectly frank... I HATE painting bathrooms! There are so many darn nooks, crannies and weird spots to paint... and I did this all without a ladder.... needless to say, I was super frustrated by the and and now have some ceiling touch up to do!! However- I LOVE it now- looks super awesome.

Its kind of crazy how much paint can change a room...I'm very pleased with my handy work...and ready to tackle another room or 2!

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  1. What's the name for the paint in the bathroom. I'm thinking of painting and like that color.