Tuesday, April 26, 2011

yep.... MIA

Missing in Action doesn't even begin to tell the story! Where have I been?!

Well- all over actually. I have returned from my long, extended stay in Indy - back at home- which I can say is an amazing feeling. I have spent the past month getting reacquainted with my apartment, my long lost friends, my neighborhood, and my bed!

I have a current obsession with gardening and home projects. It seems I have become a "project girl".... in the past month I have refinished a few pieces of furniture. Last weekend on my way home from a fun weekend in Lincoln, NE visiting family - I made a detour to a cute antique shop - called Rusty Chandelier - and found a sweet $15 chair - it has GREAT lines... It has wood legs, arms and back and a creamish color seat. I plan on recovering it... but I am currently torn on whether or not to repaint it and whitewash it.. I will post pictures and get some opinions. Last week I recovered an old green chair! I bought it for $2 at my favorite antique store (now closed) - I purchased a remnant at Jo Ann's and completed it all for less than $10 - and it matches my bedroom perfectly!  I will post a pic of that as well.

So needless to say- I'm LOVING projects... and being home.

Sorry fellow readers - maybe you missed me - maybe you didn't... but I'm back!

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  1. Is a "Rusty Chandelier" anything like a "Rusty Trombone?"