Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm here. I'm back. For now!

So- lets recap. Christmas has come and gone. We welcomed in 2011...and today is 1-11-11... I feel like that's an omen or something... at the very least - its a really cool date!!!

The holidays were amazing. Great time spent with family and friends. Its so wonderful getting home for Christmas. I am already looking forward to next year.

Now lets talk about the big news...
I have a few things to mention...I did not dislike my job at Machinery Link.. but when I evaluated where I was at and what I was doing- I kept coming back to the realization that I would not be improving my life/career at Machinery Link. There just wasn't a "next job"... or promotion. I'm a very goal oriented person- and I had no goals to reach at Machinery Link. I was becoming unhappy- and it was noticeable... so- I made a change. I have to attribute what happened next to being a "God" thing... it all happened a week ago...

Last Monday night I spruced up the resume... I applied for 3 jobs. On Wednesday afternoon I received an email from one of the companies- asking if I could interview Thursday at 6:30 p.m. - so of course I obliged. I interviewed Thursday night- and on Friday at 10 a.m. I had a job offer!!! Wow. I am still in awe. Typing it makes me see just how crazy it is! After some discussion- I accepted a new position with Touton USA as a Logistics Coordinator - Its hard to accurately describe what my job will be - but essentially I will be managing the US facilities for the import and export of commodities Touton trades...

The job is located in Kansas City near the airport - which is great... no move for me! I was so excited for that news- as I have fallen in love with the life I have created in KC. I start the 24th of January.... making my last day at Machinery Link the 21st. I will have 4 or 5 weeks of training in Indianapolis - as that is where their current headquarters is- Touton hopes to be headquartered in KC by March 1 of this year. I expect life to be a whirlwind the next few months! Hang in there with me, friends!

And if you are wondering- Lena will be cared for - by my awesome parents - and a few others have volunteered - she just might be taking an extended vacation - traveling the US!

Thanks for everyone's continued support - I'm very excited for the upcoming changes in life!

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  1. first and foremost ... Congrats and I'm so not surprised!
    second ... it's about darn time you posted!
    third ... let's hope that God leads me in the direction my life is supposed to go.
    and last ... we are excited about miss lena coming to see us for an extended period. the boys ... not so much!
    love you and so very proud!